What I’ve been reading March 2016

So, lately I’ve been really into re-reading stuff I read when I was much younger. I’ve started with one of my favorites and will hopefully finish the series again in a few weeks. Here’s what has been on my shelf of to-reads!


First off, it’s the first and second volume of Sweep. These are the bind ups, which mean that it’s three books into the one volume. I love these books, it brings back so much nostalgia from high school when I first read them. Each actual book is less than 200 pages which makes the bind-ups super easy to read since they go so fast. I also was just starting to get into learning about Wicca and Paganism. I recently did a paper for school (ughhhhhh the bane of existence) about Wicca and it drew me back to reading these beauties, thankfully the library has all the copies in pretty good condition. If you’re wanting to have a good story with some learning mixed in about a cool religion, I’d suggest these. Plus they’re short (the first book is less than 180 pages).


Since we’re talking about witchy stuff, I’ll just add this in the post as well. I’ve been doing some research for my final project for class and I gravitated towards this book, Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler. It’s pretty much a textbook about Wicca and it’s practicing in the time period the book was written, 1986. It’s a pretty big and heavy book, and I’m excited to start going through it and learning from it.


Another book I’ve started, kind of, is Darkness Falls by Cate Tiernan. I pretty much and super excited to go back into this world of magic and healing. This is a sequel to Immortal Beloved that I read last year, which I LOVED. Like woah. I’m probably going to try to get started on this book when I finish my Sweep books.


So I have started reading more books by authors I haven’t read before and have been suggested to me by friends. The first one I’ve picked up to read is Bitten by Kelley Armstrong. Werewolves, yes please. I’m pretty much going into this book blind, and I’m pretty okay with that.



The last book in my to-read pile from the library is The Novice: Summoner 1 by Taran Matharu. I recently saw this book in the Barnes & Noble near my house and just by the cover knew I had to give it a go. I’ve also been trying to step outside my comfort zone by trying to read some sci-fi/fantasy books. This one is about a Blacksmith that had magical powers and has a dragon. Yes, a dragon. I’m totally down for dragons too. It’s like they’re my husbands spirit animal or something.


This is the books I plan on reading into the next month, this might all change but you never know. Thank you for reading!

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