Welp, that is a lot of books.

Welp, while I was searching for a place to live I may have stopped at a few bookstores on the way. I also just joined the local library, which is AMAZING; walking to the library might be slightly dangerous… almost as dangerous as that I can walk to the local B&N. I’m loving my new location, and that I can hop on a bus and get to work.

So, I bought a few books while here looking for places (before fully committing to Cali). I grabbed Merciless, Between Shades of Grey, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, and The Alchemyst. I’m looking forward to reading them all very soon, especially since the Between Shades of Grey is a first edition cover. Those were just the ones I grabbed while here for a few days. Then I grabbed A Discovery of Witches at the airport; that’s five books in a 4 day period. I’m still on the lookout for a hardback copy of Harry Potter 2 and 3 in original cover, not that new one (eww).  I grabbed a bunch after committing to Cali too, of course haha. Dracula, The Giver, I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive, The Murder Complex, My Side of the Story, Pretty Little Liars bind-up of book 1 & 2, Sinner, Wicked Lovely, a bind-up of the books 1 & 2 of Shadow Falls, and Interview with the Vampire. These are a mix of used books and new ones. I love going to used bookstores to get an already loved book. On top of buying all those books, I borrowed The Wicked Will Rise from the library, I loved the first book and needed to read the second. Most likely won’t read the novella because they’re sometimes completely unnecessary.


My list of books to read while not working or doing homework this month is: Wicked Will Rise, Murder Complex, and The Giver. Might visit the library again to grab a few graphic novels to just wiz through since they’re easy reads. I’m still working on reading the Twilight saga, but I need a break from Bella and Edward haha. Super excited to let you know my thoughts on these books when I finish them.

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