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My Autumn TBR | 2017 0

My Autumn TBR | 2017

So, since I’m completely ready for autumn (or fall for you folks) and I’m over the heat of summer I’m going to start my Autumn TBR list. I only have about 5 books in...


My Tome Topple TBR | 2017

I am hoping to partake in the round 4 of the Tome Topple read-a-thon that is happening from August 4 to August 17.  The Tome Topple read-a-thon is all about them BIG books! Anything...


🎃Halloween Read-a-thon! 👻

Thank you to my good friend Kris for mentioning this amazing read-a-thon that I plan on doing! She got this from Lauren, who also is into the whole reading is cool thing as well....