Spoop-tember Reads 2016

So, I’ve already started getting into the spoopy mood and started reading a few “spoopy” books, so I’d thought I’d share with you what I started and the plan for the rest of the month! It’s pretty ambitious, so let’s get started!!

I started sweep5Sweep Vol 5 which includes books 13-15 and concludes the series. I’ve loved this series and this will be the final book in my re-read of it all. I’m almost done with #13, Reckoning, and I am having allllll the memories flood back to reading this series in high school.  It’s about a group of witches in “Widows Vale” and there is all sorts of stuff that goes on with them. Since this is the last of the series I don’t want to spoil too much if you wanted to start it. It is definitely one of my favorite series, right behind Harry Potter obviously.


The next book I’ve already started is Night Shift by Stephen King, the master of the thriller. This is a collection of nightshiftshort stories, and a few have been made into movies. I’m excited to get into some of the really scary ones as I go through this book. It intrigues me on how he creates such crazy stories that make us all want to sleep with the lights on.

dawitchesHere is the rest of my overly ambitious list:

The Witches by Stacy Shiff, this is probably gonna take me the longest to get through this month and may dribble over into next month. It’s the only non-fiction book I’m planning on reading this month. This is her take on the Salem Witch Trials and why it happened, etc. I’ve been wanting to read this, but haven’t been in the mood or it was checked out of the library for what seemed like forever. Figured it would be perfect leading into the next month, since I’ll probably watch and read The Crucible.

Hollow City by Ransom Riggs, the second book in the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children trilogy. I hollwcityread the first book last year around this time of year, figured I should catch up and finish the series finally. This is such a fantastical series, flying people, invisible boys and a girl that can conjure fire… what more do you need?

The Gathshadowhouse1ering (Shadow House 1) by Dan Poblocki is a book I grabbed at the used bookshop I frequent. It’s a middle-grade book and seems very dark and creepy. I saw one of the Booktubers I watch on YouTube mention this book and it made me want to read it. Here is the video that I discovered the book from, thanks Richard! thelastdreamkeeper

I have plans to finish this book this month since I now own it haha. That book is The Last Dreamkeeper by Amber Benson. This is the second installment in the Witches of Echo Park series. I’m hoping the next book comes out soonish so I can just marathon a re-read of the series.

The last things I’ll be reading is a bunch of cozy mysteries. I currently have like 6 checked out from the library all with a fall or Hallowe’en theme to them. They’re my easy reads to break up all the serious books I’ve got going on this month. I’m ready to dive into all the books on this list and whatever ones that choose me at the library; happy reading!


What are some of your reading plans this month?!

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