So, I started a book club…

So, I started a virtual book club in a discord I’m apart of and we’re already going to be finishing up our first read and I’ve plotted out what our second read is going to be; thus this post!


So for the month of August we are going to be reading The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett. I figured it was a good length of a fantasy novel that if anyone wanted to carry on with the series they could! I do have a graphic for the Discworld reading order here for anyone who wants to read in order!

So, hopefully that helps anyone out that wants to carry along with this very big series.

The current book for July is Wicked Saints by Emily A Duncan and I’m already 33% into it and I really did not want to put it down when I had to head to work yesterday.

Anyway, hope this is helpful and will help guide you if you want to read the Discworld series (and many spin-offs); if you want to join in on this readalong you may let me know in the comments and I’ll push it out into my twitter/instagram. The reading schedule hasn’t been chosen yet, but I will figure it out in a few days and will hopefully remember to post an update with it.

Happy Reading!

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