Review- Sunday’s on the Phone to Monday


sundaysonthephonetomondayReview of Sunday’s on the phone to Monday by Christine Reilly.

My copy of this book was an Advanced Readers Copy, it does not change my opinion of the book or its contents.


So, I have to say I didn’t get too far into this book before I DNF’d it. (DNF- Did Not Finish). I literally couldn’t get into this book; the writing was alright, it mainly was the way it was printed I believe. I don’t understand why they used italics instead of quotation marks for dialogue. It’s what made it really hard to read and I kept getting confused on if they were just thoughts or actual dialogue.

What I did read was alright, like I just couldn’t get into it. Granted, I only got 17 pages in and gave up because I could feel the slump coming if I had read the whole thing. The cover is pretty, and the arc has deckle edges (my fave!); the story is about how these two individuals meet at a party and they fall in love. To me it felt sort of insta-lovey, which can be my thing if done correctly and in the right tone.

I gave this book a 1 star on goodreads. Some other reviewers also gave low ratings of this book with similar issues as I had.

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