REVIEW: Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

I finally got to read this amazing book this month (March 2019) and I’m really glad I did. I gave this book 4.5 ⭐ because I could relate to the main character, Taylor, and some of the happenings. I docked a half star only because it could have been a bit shorter.. this book was pretty big, it has almost 500 pages, which is a lot for a contemporary young adult book. Now, on to my actual review.


I loved this book, there’s no question about it. I related to Taylor, our main character, on so many levels. It’s not a secret that her dad, Rob, has cancer, they tell you about it within the first chapter or so, and I recently have lost my mom to a terminal disease last year so I think that’s why it hit home for me with this book. I did cry an immense amount towards the end to where I almost needed more tissues than I had near me. I’m just happy I didn’t read that part while at work, because I’m quite sure my co-workers and customers would ask me if I’m okay.

This book really stuck with me even after I finished it. It has to deal with Taylor attempting to cope with the thoughts of losing her father all while fixing relationships back at the lake house they go to for Rob’s last summer with them. There was a lot of dialogue that could have been left out, but I also wanted to know more about Henry and his background. She only touched the tip of the iceberg with Henry and Lucy. I don’t wanna write much more because it’ll start getting spoilery, and I’m not that mean.


My thoughts: READ THIS BOOK, but have a lot of tissues handy for the last third of the book. This was my second Morgan Matson book, and I flew through this one in less than a week. Now I’m off to go read another book to hopefully have another review up soon!


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