REVIEW: In A Dark, Dark Wood

I recently participated in the Thriller-a-thon readathon and I did a good job by finishing a book and half during that week! I decided that I should write my feelings about this book down and hopefully give some good feedback on what I thought. So, here it goes!


My star ratings:

PLOT: ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️

CHARACTERS: ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️

STORY/WORLD: ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️

My total rating for this books is 3.5 ⭐️  and here is my reasoning for this rating:


  • When I chose this as my first Ruth Ware book I knew that there were going to be issues as it was her first novel. However, I enjoyed the characters and could relate to attributes that Nora and Nina had. I am an introvert and don’t like a lot of contact with other people unless necessary.
  • I took some points off the story and world buliding as we only knew of parts of the places we were taken into by the characters. I would of enjoyed delving more deeply into what the house, forest and hospital room looked like, even what the smell of the house was like. I really did not like that this was skipped over as it was not important.
  • The plot was alright; thankfully I didn’t see the twist coming when it was going to happen. I only wish that there was something that happened sooner to edge along the plot as it was happening. I also didn’t like that everything kind of fell into place at once, but that ENDING! I enjoyed the ending, but I really wish that something did happen earlier to even add to the twist, which would of been awesome.
  • I gave this book 3.5 ⭐️  based on all the things listed above. While I did thoroughly enjoy the story, I did find that there could have been more background done on the characters and the world it self.

Have you read this book as well? I did like it, but did find downsides to the story that I would like to discuss without it being spoilery!

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