REVIEW: How To Hang A Witch

Here is my review for How To Hang A Witch by Adriana Mather. I was given the ARC of this book while at a book festival earlier this year, it doesn’t change my opinion of the book or anything.


I have to say upfront that I absolutely LOVED this book. It helped me get out of a funk that I was in of not finishing books because I was bored with them. The story had a good depth, and yet kept moving fast enough to keep interest in the story and history that was being told with it.

The Characters:

Samantha Mather: She had just transferred from New York to Salem, MA where her dad is originally from. Her dad, however, is in a coma and is in the hospital in Boston, so she’s living (and putting up with) her step-mother Vivian. Sam is a descendant of Cotton Mather, who was around when the Salem Witch Trials happened and he was one of the many men responsible for the Trials themselves. At school there’s a clique called The Descendants who are all, you guessed it, descendants of the families who were murdered during the Trials.

Jaxon Mariwether: The hot dude next door that happens to go to the same school, but is a grade ahead. Obviously there’s a small love story (and triangle btw) in the book, but it wasn’t apart of the main story and was very subtle. Jaxon is a pretty cool dude, I dug his character and his mom as well.

Vivian, the step-mother: I actually haven’t disliked a character like her in a long time. She actually reminded me of someone I’ve met in real life before, which is scary. There’s some crazy stuff that goes on with her through out the book, and at the end… woah.

The Descendants: Some of them were cool, some of them I didn’t care for.

The Rating:

I throughly loved this story. It definitely earned its 5 ⭐️ rating I gave it on Goodreads. I’ve heard rumors that this is a series, and I could totally see that with how it ended.

Thank you for reading my review for this book! Leave me any comments about the book if you’ve read it!

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