Plans for 2019

So. Here we are, at the end of the year 2018 and I barely touched this little guy! I’m ready to get back into updating this and my YouTube channel more in the new year, I’m feeling a bit refreshed by taking a break from all the things and just focusing on work and reading for fun. I did reach my goal and passed it on Goodreads. My goal was 25 books and I’ve read (so far! I’ve still got two weeks!) 29 books. LET’S DO THIS 2019!

My plans for 2019:

Get my act together for one. I have a planner which will help me “plan” out my anticipated releases for the year (which I’ve already written in it; go me!), make it easier to think and plan out videos/blog posts and hopefully get my life in order now that the holidays are over (and the year that seemed to never end!).

Another thing I started later into the year in 2018 was I got myself a bullet journal. My goal with this little guy is keep track of all the books I own and read them along with trying to get through some reading challenges that I’m setting for myself and also using (loosely) the PopSugar prompts to meander through my ever-growing physical TBR. PopSugar has over 40 prompts and I plan on using 12 or 20 to help get reading all the books (over 300 at the point) I own. I will still borrow books from the library since I’m also trying to not purchase any books until I get my TBR down under 250.

My plan on how to get rid of my books after reading them:

I may donate them to the library (which is probably where I got most of them anyway!), see if any friends want them and then start sending them off to the Little Free Libraries around town. I don’t know if I’ll be selling my books back to the used bookstore I regular because they usually only take a few out of the boxes I bring in, plus I don’t wanna be buying any for a bit. I also reigned myself in this year for Christmas by not asking for any books from my Dad (I did the adult thing and asked for a new cutting board, which isn’t as fun haha). Thankfully I only mark up and annotate my nonfiction books which I usually just keep because I always like revisiting those on certain occasions.

Another idea I recently had is start-up a TBR jar/mug to pick something out of when I really don’t know what I wanna read immediately. I have one for my thriller books already, but I’m thinking of starting one for my other books; although I haven’t had to use it recently because I’ve been chugging along reading The Mortal Instruments series so I can start the Dark Artifices finally.

So, that’s my plan for 2019. Planning out more, making due dates for myself in my planner, logging my reading and hopefully reading a bunch of books I own already. I’ll be back in a week with my most anticipated books for the year in another post!

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