O.W.L.’s… Did I do it?

Welp, sad to say I failed my O.W.L.’s this year. I got distracted by other books, but I did read 4 of the 12!

So, the books I did get to were:

Truthwitch, #poser, Twilight, and The Crucible. I did start Shuffle, Repeat but wasn’t in the mood for it. The books I read were okay I guess. Truthwitch was the highest rated of the four with a 4.5 ⭐️ rating.  I most likely won’t be trying any of these month-long readathons again, because I usually fail at keeping to a strict TBR. I’m a big mood reader and currently I’m mood-reading though a secret TBR I’ve made for myself. *insert evil laugh here*


Anyway, how did you do?!

I wanted to read more than that, but I was starting to get slumpy so ending the forced TBR helped me read 3 books in 2 days.


Anyway, happy reading!

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