November 2015

This last month was a complete blur. It flew by like it never happened. I had a really rough month mentally in October and had a small breakdown at work. I’m happier now and have been on a reading rampage! I’m not going to be doing a TBR this month as I’m trying to work more and get ready for the upcoming holiday season. But I did manage to read two books last month, one audiobook and one eBook. The audiobook was The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, granted it is a giant poem and all, but I highly enjoyed the simpleness of it as it was finished by the time I reached work. The eBook I read was The Death Code by Lindsey Cummings. O.M.G. this book ended so abruptly and I wish there was a third book, but there isn’t. It was so GOOD, I would highly recommend this book if you’re alright with some blood and violence. I was really sad that it ended, I loved all the characters and the surroundings. The world was amazing, even though it has been compared to other books like Hunger Games and Maze Runner. I see myself re-reading this duology again in the future.

I’m happy to note that I’ve started reading Scarlet by Marissa Meyer and snagged the last copy of Cress from the library today to read before reading Winter which comes out 11/10/2015 (tomorrow!!), I still have to read Fairest, but I figured I should get back into this world and finish the series since I loved the first book Cinder so much. I’m super sad the series is ending, but I could understand why.

Picked up the second Harry Potter book so I can finish the series. I know, I haven’t finished the series but own all the books and it on bluray. The last few books are SO huge it’s slightly intimidating. My goal is to get to book 5 by next year, which can be easy since the library has all the books available to me, plus its only a block away and open until 9pm haha.

I also grabbed the first book of Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. I’ve been told that I’d like this series by numerous people since I’m into Greek mythology and things. I’ll give it a go since that’s all I know its about. I’m actually excited to go into this series blind since there’s a bunch of hype around how amazing it is and such. We shall see what I think about it when I get there.


My goal this month is to hopefully read all four of these books plus whatever I pick up randomly through the month from my own shelf. I’m trying to make it a point to read the books on my shelf rather than borrowing a bunch from the library each month. I really want to pick up Why Not Me? and Everything, Everything soon. They’re both something I’ve been wanting to read recently and just haven’t been into reading much. I’m excited for what the month of November is going to bring me in the following weeks, I’ll try to post an update on what I’ve read and listened to later this month.

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