My Venture into Stephen King

Well, I knowwwww I haven’t posted since like December. Life’s been a bit busy, BUT I’m here to give you an idea of what I’ve been up to. I’ve been working like crazy and recently got promoted, started volunteering at the library, and have been resting and spending time with my husband on weekends. I have however been making videos on my YouTube channel ( I’ve been reading (I’ve already finished 11 books this year and my goal is 20) which you can see from my Goodreads page (it’s in my sidebar). Now onto the reason for this post.

I’ve been wanting to get into reading Stephen King for a while, I’ve made attempts but all have been futile as his books are over 600 pages most of the time. I’ve decided that I’ll start my reading list with the publication order, so I can see his progression and read some good books. I currently have TWO shelves worth of his books and as I read them, if I hate the book in its entirety I will cash it in (if possible) at my local used bookstore for some credit to buy more King books. I’m skipping the Dark Tower series since I’ve been trying to read The Gunslinger for over a year and am still stuck at like 5%. I guess his dabbling into fantasy/scifi isn’t what I’m into.

I did start Carrie (1974) and I’m LOVING it. It was his first published work, then I’ll start ‘Salem’s Lot (1975) so I can watch the corresponding movies… there is a movie for ‘Salem’s Lot right?!

I have my list of everything and I’ll start (hopefully) reviewing them on here as I go through them each month. I’ll try to watch all corresponding movies after finishing the books so I get the complete experience from page to screen.


There you have it, I finally got a post up in over 5 months! Haha. Now to eat my lunch and then get some reading done before I have to set my alarms for work. Happy Sunday, y’all.


Also, have you read any Stephen King books? If so, what ones?

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