My Review Policy

So, I have decided that since I’m going to be reviewing books here that I should have a policy of what I’m looking for.


What I tend to gravitate to:

  • Young Adult (pretty much all the genres)
  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy/Sci-fi
  • Graphic Novels
  • New Adult
  • Horror (not gory, but something that’ll scare my socks off)
  • Non-fiction (depending on the topics)
  • Contemporary & Romances (depending on topics/time period)

What I don’t gravitate to:

  • Erotica
  • Gore (I like some gory stuff, but too much turns me off)
  • Childrens books (depending on topic and age level)


This is how I’ll be grading your story, plot, and writing.

0 (ZERO) Stars – I pretty much DNF’d (Did Not Finish) this book. I rarely do this, but sometimes I just can’t. Don’t take it personal, I’m sure there are other people out there that LOVED it, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

1 (ONE) Star – The book was “meh”. Not the best, but I didn’t really care about it and I did actually finish reading it. Granted I probably skimmed the last quarter of it, just sayin. I will be giving you some hard criticism, don’t be shocked.

2 (TWO) Stars – The book was alright. Not fully connecting with the characters or story, but better than me skimming the last of it. But I did find a lot I liked about the book/story.

3 (THREE) Stars – The book was good, but it wasn’t something I could fully commit to saying I loved. I’d totally recommend it to friends or colleagues.

4 (FOUR) Stars – The book was almost life-changing, but it missed just a small something that would of made it amazing. I’d recommend it to friends in a heartbeat.

5 (FIVE) Stars – The book was AMAZZZINGGG. I need all the merchandise that can possibly go with this and I’m shoving it into my friends’ hands and making them read it.


I will read and review books that are in either published or advanced copies in physical form or in the form I can read on my Kindle Paperwhite.


The time frame really depends on how much I have on my plate at the moment; but I do have to say that life will come first to reading. Granted, I can finish a book (physical or ebook) in a few days depending on length and topic and can get a review up later that week if time (or life) allows. Just letting you know that I have a giant TBR that needs attending to, so it is a “first come first served basis”.


If I do receive a book from a publisher/author I will have it in the first sentence of the review.

If you’re interested in having me review your books or review something specific, please let me know. You can reach me here!

Thanks! <3

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