My June TBR

So, I’ve gathered a bunch of books I’ve decided that I wanted to read this month. I’m feeling mighty ambitious with this pile, but most of the books aren’t super long. I’ve got two books to finish, one I started in April (Shiver) which was starting to FINALLY get good. Hoping I can just hope back into it and finish it and maybe go onto the next book in July, perhaps. My overly ambitious stack of books looks daunting with the MASSIVE Grimm fairy tale retelling on the bottom.  Let’s get started!

So I’ve got two hardcovers, four paperbacks and two eBooks to read this month. Quite a bit to get reading with work and school mixed into the madness too. As you saw I’m going to finish Shiver, which is going to be easy since I’m half-way through it as it is. Then I’m gonna hopefully move onto Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake. It’s slightly a horror book, but I’ve heard great things about this on the YouTubes and on GoodReads so I had to borrow it from the library. It’s about this gent named Cass, who is a ghost killer. He, his mom (who is a kitchen witch) and their cat (who sniffs out the ghosts) go to this town and are to kill Anna. Anna isn’t your usual run of the mill ghost, she kills whoever steps into her house. It just seemed like a great, suspenseful read; which is something I need once in a while.

The next book I plan on reading (only because it’ll be due soonish and it’s short stories) is Grim Edited by Christine Johnson. I like retelling of classic stories. This has a bunch of authors I haven’t read books from before, that’s what caught my eye. Plus, its Grim. haha. We’ll see if I make it through it at all.

I’m hoping to read in between all of these books The Goddess Test and Between Shades of Gray on my Kindle. Who knows what other books I might read on the my Kindle this month since I’ve just begun using it. I’ve got a lot of books on my wish list from the library’s eBook site, let’s hope the ones I really want to read come in hahaha.

I’m hoping to start reading Eleanor & Park this month, I’ve had it for a while and I think I’m ready to read it. It’ll be my first Rainbow Rowell book, let’s hope I like her writing. It’s about love at first sight, and I beeeeeeelieve it takes place in the 1980’s which is one of the BEST decades ever (I’m slightly biased since I was born in the 1980’s). They meet on a bus going to school, they’re both misfits who fall in love with each other. I’m excited to read this and hopefully more from Ms. Rowell.

The last two are part of a series I’m hoping I like since I’ve bought the first two books of this series, Of Poseidon and Of Trition. Mermaids, love and hierarchy. It seems like it’s something I’ll be into, but who knows how I’ll feel when it comes to read these. They both have good reviews on GoodReads, so I assume they’re going to be amazing. We shall see!

So that is my overachievingly ambitious list of books I plan on reading this month. Wish me luck on getting through everything and then some.


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