My December Reads

So, today I was going sight seeing with my hubby to see if we can see Hogwarts at Universal Studios near us (go figure right?), and was near my favorite little used bookstore, Iliad Bookshop, and grabbed three books for under $5. Both of the books I’ve seen wandering around on the YouTubes for a bit. So, the trip to the shop inspired me to create a little pile of books to read while staying warm this month. I’m loosely making this my To-Be-Read pile, so don’t get sad when I don’t finish them all.

The first one I want to finish is the one I’m currently reading which is Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan. I’m roughly half way through and can’t wait to finish it to see what happens in the next book. I’m also reading a duology (that I know of anyway) which is called Once a Witch and Always a Witch. It’s so gripping that I finished half the first book in one sitting and finished it a few days later. I’ve been feeling the witchy-love stories lately, I haven’t been into reading a lot of contemporary, but I’m loving these. I just started the second book yesterday and am already a third through it haha.

I’m hoping to get into the Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater this month, I’ve heard so many good things about it and I’m intrigued about it. Her Shiver series got really good after the first book, but that was also her first book ever released. I have high hopes for this read, and perhaps I’ll finish the Shiver series finally.

I’m going to start venturing into reading Sophie Kinsella books this month. I’m surprised I haven’t read anything from her yet. I grabbed The Undomestic Goddess which seemed super light-hearted and something I could breeze through if I got in a rough patch. I’m pretty sure I’ll finish it in a couple of days when I start it. I was going to dive right into this when I borrowed it from the library, but held back so I can enjoy a few books before this one.

I have decided to leave the rest of my reading up to whatever my heart feels like reading this month. I enjoyed doing this last month and I read two books because of it.  Now I just need to read three more and I’ll make my reading goal for 2015! What should my reading goal for 2016 be?

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