February TBR | 2017

This year I planned on doing something a little different with my posts — make more TBRs and Wrap-ups since I failed HARD on doing so last year. January was slightly stressful, as it usually is and only read two books. I plan on sticking to my tbr as I make them and I also am trying to clear off my bookshelf of books I haven’t read. Obviously, I’ll have review books I’m going to have to read, but hopefully I can still get most of the “normal” books read ♥

I do want to finish the book I’m currently reading, Iron Cast and it’s pretty darned good. I enjoy the diversity in it as one of the main characters is a person of color. I’m roughly half-way through it and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

The first book I want to read this month is These Vicious Masks since the sequel comes out in March and I will be doing a review/blog tour for that book. The description from the goodreads page is “Jane Austen meets X-Men” I’m down.

→The next few are advanced copies I received for review by NetGalley←

The next book I wanna get to is Gormless Gods & Hapless Heroes by Stella Tarakson. I don’t normally read a lot of middle-grade books, but this one seemed cool. It is feeling like a Percy Jackson-esque story which is what intrigued me into grabbing the book.

Playing with Trouble by Joya Ryan is the third book I’d like to get to this month. Everyone needs a bit of a smutty romance in February right?

The Unlikeable Demon Hunter by Deborah Wilde is quoted to be like Buffy meets Bridesmaids. I definitely love Buffy, and haven’t seen or read Bridesmaids so I don’t know about that part (lol).

The final book I want to get read is Beyond Trans by Heath Fogg Fogg Davis. As someone who has a huge friends circle of LGBTQIA+ I thought that reading this would be super informational and give me insight for future conversations with people I come across in normal day-to-day life.


Whatever else I wind-up reading will most likely be Harry Potter or Jane Eyre since I borrowed them recently from the library. I will be posting my January Wrap-up soon!

What are YOU reading this month?!

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