February Book Haul!|2016

So this last month I did a good amount of book shopping at the used book stores in my area. I have 11 books I gathered in February, which is a bit more than usual. I only bought one brand new book and the rest are all used. This also doesn’t include ebooks I’ve gotten free from sites and stuff. So, here’s the books I got in the month of February!

So, I’summeriturnedprettycoverm just gonna start at the top of the pile I’ve got going on on the table next to me; I can’t remember what book I bought first and blah blah blah. The first book in the pile is The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han. It’s seeming like the perfect fluffy summer read I’ll probably pick up in a few months (or weeks depending on my mood). I’ve met Ms. Jenny Han last year at The L.A. Times Festival of Books, I’m excited to go to this event once again this year and hoping to have some of my books signed and of course buy more books!

divergentcoverMy next book is Divergent by Veronica Roth. I’ve been told a few times that I need to read this series, but never really wanted to until recently. I’m assuming that it’s similar to the Hunger Games (which I still need to finish, oops). Plus, what I’ve seen ont he back of the cover it’s just slightly different from some other dystopian series. I’ll post a review about it when I finally read it.

theawakeningofthesunshinegirlccoverI’ve been gifted an advanced copy of The Awakening of the Sunshine Girl by Paige McKenzie. Granted I haven’t read the first book (I’m hoping I’ll get to it soon) so I don’t really want to look at what it’s about. I’ll post an update when I read the first book; unless you’ve read it already you can click the link to see what it’s about.


I also have been gifted an advanced copy of Tuesday Nights in 1980 by Molly Prentiss. I’m super excited to read this when I get to it (my TBR pile is like a bookshelf itself), it combines art and New York beautifully and I’m crazy about both! I also pretty much love anything that deals with the 80s anyway, so this was a total shoe-in for me.

nightworldvol1coverI found this gem for FIFTY CENTS and couldn’t be happier. Night World, Vol 1 by L.J. Smith seemed something totally up my alley since I’ve been super into the supernatural realm lately. It includes three of the books in one bind-up. The first book, Secret Vampire, where Poppy learns about the night world itself. The second book, Daughters of Darkness, and the third is Spellbinder.

darkfevercoverI started reading Darkfever a bit ago and just had to buy it (I already owned the second book anyway haha) so I can take my time reading it. It’s an urban fantasy about fae and how this girl can see them and others cannot. She, Mac, is looking into why her sister was murdered in Ireland. I’m only a couple chapters in and was easily sucked in to it.

mooncalledcoverI grabbed this wonder at my local Barnes and Noble, it was the only brand-new book I bought. Moon Called by Patricia Briggs is mainly about werewolves and other things that go bump in the night. I’ve been digging the urban fantasy books lately, so it’ll probably show when I go to do my current reads post later this month.

nightlightparodycoverThis one is going to be an easy read, not just based on its content but on the length of it.  A parody of Twilight, which is just awesome. Nightlight: A Parody should be pretty good. I’m actually excited to read this in, most likely, one sitting.

supernaturalistcoverThe third to last book is The Supernatualist (do you notice a theme this month?) Another dysptoian book that takes place in the not so far away future. It’s about a group of children who are tested on in a facility. I’m intrigued and ready to dive into this when I get the chance.

itchcoverThis next book is called Itch by Simon Mayo. A gent that is an element collector. Yes, please. I’m pretty much planning on going into this one blind. It was a total cover buy for me. It’s a pretty shiny cover, plus you can download this app and it’ll bring it to life; why wouldn’t I want that?

And now the final book I bought in February is…abelincolnvampirehuntercover

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith. Yes, I bought it. History AND vampires? Count me in!

That is everything I grabbed in the month of February. I will hopefully get a recent reads post up in a week or so!


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  1. Megan says:

    I think you’ll like the Divergent series! You’ll have to let me know!

    And Kris and I found Nightlight at the dollar book swap on Saturday! It sounds absolutely hilarious! Edwart! And Belle Goose! 🙂

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