Books I’ve read in the month of May

So, I actually got to read FIVE books this month between work and studying, which is INSANE! I sort of stuck to my TBR (To Be Read) list, but found that three of the books just wasn’t working out for me. I did manage to read The Diviners and Massive from the previous post, plus I also got a Kindle this month which changed the reading game ALL kinds of up for me. Now I can borrow eBooks from the library and I can read at night before bed and not knowing if I’m going to mess up my book and lose my place. On to the books!

I finished The Diviners early in the month, its was so good! I almost couldn’t put it down and read it within a week I believe. I seriously can not wait until the next book comes out. This book got me into listening to jazzy blues music because of the decade it takes place in, the 1920’s. The way Libba Bray intertwined occultism and the era together was perfection. I’m hoping to read a few more books from her that I’ve seen on my library’s eBook site.

The next book I finished was Massive which deals with eating disorders. I had started this book sometime last year when I had borrowed it from the library. It was amazingly written and helped you figure out some signs of eating disorders and how to deal with them. I may have teared up a bit nearing the end, but the book was so amazing, and short, that I read it in two days. If you’re into books about eating disorders or psychological problems, I’d recommend this one.

Can I just say this was probably one of the favorites this month… I read Zodiac and it was AMAZING! Couldn’t get enough of it and I can’t wait for the next one to come out later this year. I’ll definitely be pre-ordering it, which says a lot I think. Plus, I got a like, comment and pretty much goodreads stalked by Ms. Romina Russell when I was talking about it on Instagram and Goodreads.

I loved reading Let’s Get Lost. I loveeeeeee cute little contemporary reads. I read this on my Kindle, and I didn’t realize I had read it so fast haha. The little stories of how she interwove herself with the people in the towns she stopped in was amazing. I love how the first story began.. and how the final story ended. If you’re into contemporary reads, you should read this and not feel like you just read the best love story ever.

The final book I read in May was….

Splintered which is a companion/retelling of Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland. I recently borrowed this from the library and couldn’t put it down, I actually finished it yesterday and read over half of it in one sitting. I can’t wait to grab the other two books in this series and gobble them up. She did an amazing job retelling the parts of the story that connected to Alice’s. If I didn’t have to work and do school stuff, I would read all the books in this series in probably two days. haha. I plan on purchasing this series down the road.

It was a great reading month for me, I’ve started a book in a series and I don’t know how I’m going to enjoy it or if I will even finish reading it. I’m about a quarter ways in to The Goddess Test and am still unsure about the book and the story. It’ll probably be something I force myself to finish, but not continue with the series.


I will see everyone in my next post, which will be my To Be Read, June list. Happy Reading!!


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