Books I read in June and July tbr

I did some good reading last month, I got five books read which is amazing. Granted I’ve been working a bunch (at least it feels that way) and I’m still in the process of moving. This month I don’t think I’ll get a lot of reading done since it’s crunch time for moving. We move next month which is super exciting! So here is my list of books I’ve read!

First I finished the book I had started in the end of May, The Goddess Test, which was pretty good after I got into it farther. I also marathoned through the second book, Goddess Interrupted, which was a little less exciting. I’m currently on the waiting list for the third book in the trilogy from the library’s eBook section. I’m hoping that the last book will be better than the second, because I struggled on finishing it and almost gave up on it.

The second series I started this month was Shiver. I was actually finishing this book because I hadn’t finished it back in April when I started it. I have the rest of the series, minus the newer one Sinner. I’m sort of mad that they changed the covers for these books, as I have the original covers and kind of hate the newer covers. Here are the original cover of Shiver: image3

The new covers: shiver-repackage

I absolutely hate that I now have to buy ALL new books to have the same cover. Ugh. ANYWAY, the book was meh. It took me talking myself into reading it to get it finished, I also didn’t notice at first that the font was a shade of blue haha.


The next book I read was My Life Next Door which was AMAZINGLY cute! It was a needed book after all these paranormalish books I had been reading. I think I whipped through this book super fast. It was an easy, summery, beachy, contemporary read.

The last book I read was More Than This, granted I didn’t get it when I first started it, but as I got more and more into the book it started to become clearer on what was happening. If you like fast-paced books, go for this one. I borrowed this from the library, but I plan on purchasing it myself after I get settled in after the move. It was THAT good.


My July tbr:

I don’t really have any physical books to read other than Game Of Thrones, so I’m sticking to a bunch of eBooks to fly through. Plus they’re easier to take on a plane haha. I’m currently halfway through We All Looked Up, which is alright; saw a bunch of people I watch on YouTube reading and talking about it so I rented it from the library’s eBook section. I’m hoping something happens soon because it’s getting kind of monotonous. Anything I read is going to be totally spontaneous this month. I do want to start GoT this month so we’ll see how that goes.


Have a spectacular day and Happy Reading!



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