Binghampton Series by Meghan Quinn Review

So, I stumbled upon this series just roaming around Kindle Unlimited and also did some research on YouTube before committing to this series and I’m actually pretty happy I did so. I enjoyed the series as a whole, and here are my individual reviews for each book.


Book 1: Co-Wrecker

This was a good, but not amazing, start to the series. I enjoyed the dynamic between Sadie and Andrew. I enjoyed Andrew more than Sadie to be perfectly honest; she was too whiny and recluse for my liking. Andrew was what I like to call “the perfect book boyfriend” since he tried literally EVERYTHING to help Sadie fall in love with him. I also loved the little peek we got into the second story, be it very subtle, and how this ended on a good note. I gave this book 3.5 stars.

Book 2: My Best Friend’s Ex

This story was my second favorite of the series. I loved the dynamic of these two, even through all their sexual angsty tension that was going on. I’m really happy Tucker found someone since he seemed really recluse and desperate in the first story. I loved seeing the almost “realness” in Emma as a medical student and how she was always “mom” to all her friends, which is something I can totally vibe with since I’m usually the mom in my friends group.  I gave this book 4 stars.

Book 3: Twisted Twosome

This was my *least* favorite of the whole series. It just seemed like a forced relationship, but I can kind of see why Meghan made these two a couple in a way… I guess. I did connect with Racer on certain aspects, like his father passing away, etc; but I really did not like Georgiana or her friends/family in the book. I liked the banter we got from the boys (Tucker and Aaron “Smalls”) and how some of the stuff worked out towards the end of the book, but it did all kind of seem to fall into place almost too simply. I gave this book 2.5 stars.

Book 4: The Other Brother

This story was by far my favorite of the whole series. The story definitely was something I enjoyed since it wasn’t full of angsty sexual tension like the rest of the series had been. I connected with Aaron “Smalls” in many ways in the logistics of his backstory with Amelia as I had friends that had this happen. He also seemed the most put-together of the four guys as well, he owned a home and helped out his community. I gave this book 5 stars.


I hope that even though the reviews are simplistic, that you still understand where I’m coming from on these series. I’m hoping to do more simple reviews like these when finishing series, so look for my next set in a few weeks!



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