August TBR 2016

So, I’m posting this while in a slight slump… two books behind schedule of reading 60 in 2016 and all I want to do is finish watching Witches of East End on Netflix. But, alas, here I am gearing up for a complete behemoth of reading this month. I’m planning on finishing a few books that I’ve started but never finished. I currently, on Goodreads, have 14 books that I’ve put in my “I’ve started but not finished” shelf along with a few that’s on my kindle that I’ve gotten to, but just never finished.  I’m excited to get these read and can decide if I want to read more by the authors or move onward with the series.


The first book I want to finish on my kindle is the one I’m currently struggling to read, which is Vampires, Bones, and Treacle Scones. I’m about a third through it and I’m struggling to get to see what may happen. I’ve borrowed this from the library and I’m pretty sure the return date is soonish. This is gonna be my primary ebook until I finish it.

The second book I want to finish is Murder at Christmas River. It was a freebie on Kindle and thought it was a funny title. It’s probably the book that I’ve had on my kindle the longest and the only one I haven’t finished on it that I got around that time. At this point I’ll have to almost start over to see what happened so far so I can finish it.

The next book I plan on trying to finish is City of Glass. My friends gifted me the whole series along with the other ones in the Shadowhunter world. I’m probably the worst at remembering what happened in the last book and I’ve restarted this book twice. I just want to move on in the series so I can read Lady Midnight since it takes place in Los Angeles (where I currently reside) and go to the sites and things.

The final ebook I want to finish is Blood Orchids. I know the author and want to finish this book so I can leave a review for this on Goodreads (and on here, obviously) to let her know what I think of the first book in her series (it’s free on Kindle fyi) I was loving it, but found other things I needed to read before finishing it. It’s the book I’m farthest into on my Kindle, so it’ll be easy to wiz through hopefully.


So, I’ve got three physical books I want to finish as well as the four ebooks. Thankfully I own all of them so I can take my time if I need to.

The first one is GoT. I know, I still haven’t picked it up since my last post about it. I’m wanting to finish it, but keep finding other things to read instead. I promise I’ll finish this this month.

The next book is Eclipse. Yes, I’m been trying to read this series for YEARS. I started this book LAST YEAR before moving and haven’t touched it since. I haven’t read the last book, and I’m quite embarrassed about it since I’ve seen all the movies and owned all the movies.

The final book I’m hoping to get to this month is Darkfever. I’m a bit into it and can’t wait to see what happens. I believe I had started this as a library check-out and then finally bought my own copy then never picked it up again. Do you see a trend here? This is why I wanted to dedicate this month to just finishing books or at least trying to finish them.

Well, I’m gonna go try to finish the book I’m currently reading (The Witch’s Daughter) so I can get a head start on finishing up these books!

Do you have books you haven’t finished on your shelf or Kindle?  Let me know what they are!

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